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. this doctor was part of the research nearly 20 years ago that provided the science behind the pill. >> if you are exposed to sun, you mutate this signal to the stem cell, and then you get too much in the stem cells and it keeps growing and growing. that's what cancer is. >> the pill acts as an inhibitor to the signal. >> it blocks the signal that the cancer cells receive to keep dwelling and they can shrink away. >> winnie's tumors shrunk away four months after she began to take the pills monthly. the majority of the group saw the same result. >> that was pretty amazing for us. >> and an amazing change for winnie who went back to reading, writing, and most of all, watching san francisco sports on her tv from her nursing home where she's looking forward to the simple pleasures in life. >> coming in and saying good morning, time to get up, beautiful. >> most of all, it seems like letters from the great grandkids light her up. >> i miss you, and i'll see you in a few months. i love you. >> who is this young baby? >> and love from the family who motivates her every day. >> they have also shown me
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1